Tamela Adkins has been practicing in both Georgia and Florida helping families resolve their divorce and custody issues for 19 years.

Adkins Law - Custody Litigation

The health and wellbeing of your children is the most important issue that will ever be heard in a courtroom.  Custody litigation, which includes visitation with the non-custodial parent is complex and involves delicate matters regarding many issues that are of paramount importance to you.  

Here are a few of those issues:

* Is there evidence of sexual abuse against your child?
* Is there evidence of physical abuse against your child?
* Is there evidence of emotional abuse against your child?
* Is your child failing school?
* Is your child unsupervised by one parent?
* Is your child neglected by one parent?
* Is your child using drugs with a parent?
* Should your child be moved out of his/her current school district?
* Should your child be raised in a certain faith/religion?
* Should your child be taken out of the continental United States even for a vacation?
* Should your child's primary residence be located outside of Georgia?
* Should your child be held back a grade in his/her school?
* Should your child take mood altering medications, such as anti-depressants?
* Should your child take medication for Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD) or Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?
* Should a step-parent use corporeal punishment on your child?



        Although the law is gender neutral, most often Father's have an uphill battle in custody battles. There are many reasons for this unequal treatment, including biases of judges, the traditional roles of mothers vs. fathers, the tender years doctrine, or the division of labor during the marriage that changes after a divorce occurs.  However, in a growing number of cases, the Father is the better choice for a primary custodian after a divorce.  Tamela Adkins has worked to gain custody of hundreds of children for fathers in custody cases. She is well versed in the disadvantage most father's experience in court and will work to overcome such issues. Additionally, many cases she pursues for male clients result in joint custody or expanded visitation for dads.