Paternity actions


“I have represented fathers who were central in their child’s life for years be summarily cut off because the parties broke up, mom was mad, and they were never married.  It is devastating to the entire family.”

                                                                                                                   Tamela Adkins

For a father to establish paternity, he must file a lawsuit against the mother of his child.  This lawsuit causes your child to be legally recognized as the father's legitimate child.  This lawsuit is called an Action for Legitimation.

For a mother seeking involvement or support from her child’s father and she was not legally married to the father at the time of the birth, she must file an Action to Establish Paternity.  

Both of these type of lawsuits will require you to deal with custody, visitation and child support. Both of these types of lawsuits involve complex legal processes through the courts.  

Tamela Adkins is an expert on all issues that arise in Paternity or Legitimation lawsuits.  She has helped hundreds of clients that are in your exact position to navigate the complicated legal hurdles that will forever effect your family.